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Training courses for Supervisors and first level Managers

The Leadership Skills for Supervisors course gives people in these positions a broad range of skills and the confidence to help them lead their teams to achieve desired outcomes. It’s not easy being at the coalface leading people. A job description tells people what they must do, but it doesn’t tell them how. Leadership skills come from a mix of personal ability, experience and training. This course seeks to train Supervisors so that they have the confidence to implement what they have learned.
Introduction to Team Leadership is an introductory version of the LSS course. It’s designed to give Charge-hands or Assistant Supervisors a taste of the skills that their Managers use. Not only will this help them to lead their teams, but also to support the initiatives of their Supervisors. The course is run in-house.
Coaching and upskilling team members are arguably the most important functions of a Supervisor. For this reason we have included this course here. It’s essentially the same course as the On-Job Trainer workshop found in our ‘Training for trainers’ suite of courses. For maximum benefit we recommend that supervisors attend our Leadership Skills for Supervisors course and follow it up with On-Job Trainer.