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Training courses for trainers, including our premium IMPACT! training for trainers course, On-job trainer skills and skills for Computer software trainers.

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5 days

Attending IMPACT! training for trainers is a unique experience. Delegates are immersed in a learning environment over two weeks, during which time they acquire the skills and toolkit to train groups and individuals effectively. Days 1 to 4 are held in the first week. Day 5 is a week later, when delegates present 30 minute training courses using the techniques taught and modelled during the course. Delegates receive coaching and feedback during the course, while they are working on their assignments, and after their final presentations.
The On-job trainer course provides trainer skills to Managers, Supervisors and Subject Matter Experts who need to, in addition to other duties, train or coach staff one on one or in small groups. SME’s are skilled and experienced in what they teach, but have never had training in how to put it across. The interesting thing is that teaching does not come naturally to most people. It’s a skill that has to be acquired, and this is the course that will facilitate that. It is hands-on, practical with just enough theory to support the learning experience.
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2 days

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2 days

The Train the Trainer for Computer Software Trainers course will make software training a more productive and rewarding exercise. No two people who sit in front of a computer have the same skills set and background understanding. It’s often a frustrating exercise for the learner and the coach, when levels of understanding and background are not taken into consideration. This course helps software coaches break down the learning into manageable chunks and deliver it with empathy and understanding.