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training trainers, supervisors and their teams
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Training aimed at first level employees and also their supervisors

Interpersonal Communication Skills for business is aimed at people from all levels in an organisation and all organisational types. The bottom line is that lack of good interpersonal skills can lead to misunderstandings, increase conflict and increase staff turnover. All the fundamental skills are taught and practiced, from listening skills through choice of words, assertive communication style to understanding the approach to use with different personality types.
Aimed at front line staff and their supervisors, the Focus on Health and Safety course provides a solid foundation to underpin the safety component of an employee orientation programme. It gives employees an understanding of hazards within their organisation and how to play their part in ensuring that these do not turn into accidents or harm to employees and equipment. The course has the potential to save money and unwanted publicity.
Focus on Food Safety is an interactive, attitude changing course to support your Organisation's Food Safety Program. It also meets the licensing requirements for food handler training under the Auckland City Bylaws for Food Premises. With an understanding of  HACCP and GMP, employees are motivated to apply sound  food hygiene when handling product.