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2018 - 2019 Calendar of Leading Edge Training courses in Auckland

Our public courses focus on our core training areas - Train the Trainer, First Line Management/Supervisory Leadership and Team Member development, including Communications, Food Safety and Health and Safety. Contact us for in-house options for all our courses and to develope new course material for group training, on-job coaching or e-learning.
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IMPACT! training for trainers (5 days)

For people who require a solid grounding and comprehensive toolkit on how to train adults at all levels in the organisation. More
11 to 14 September and 21 September 2018
2 to 5 April and 12 April 2019
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On-Job Trainer Skills (2 days)

Facilitation skills for managers, supervisors and subject matter experts who need to train or coach individuals or small groups. More
April - dates negotiable
July - dates negotiable
October - dates negotiable
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Leadership Skills for Supervisors (2 days)

Managers and Supervisors learn essential people skills that help them lead their teams effectively. More
1 to 2 November 2018
25 to 26 March 2019
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Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business

People at all levels in the organisation learn the skill necessary to communicate effectively in interpersonal contact situations. More
18 October 2018
27 March 2019
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Focus on Food Safety (1 day)

An approved course that ensures that food handlers follow the correct HACCP and GMP principles to keep food safe. More
Dates negotiable
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Focus on Health and Safety (1day)

Ensures that people working in organisations are able to identify potential hazards and take steps to protect themselves, fellow employees and the organisation. More
Dates negotiable