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Zero Covid-19 cases and focus on recovery

What a fantastic effort everyone in New Zealand made to get to the current situation of Zero identified COVID-19 case. A lot of sacrifices have been made and we acknowledge those who are hurting physically, mentally, financially and any other way.

The call now is for recovery, economic and social. This involves us all, Public Sector, Private Sector Not for Profits, in fact all of us ordinary (perhaps extraordinary) folk going about our daily lives, wanting the best for ourselves, our families and our friends.

Whilst some may not yet be ready to attend training courses or to hold them in-house, some of you will be wanting to progress your staff development needs. Whether it is to book someone on one of our upcoming public courses, arrange an in-house course, or to talk about your needs at this stage, we would love to hear from you. We are very flexible on dates, timings and delivery options. You can make touch through our ‘Contact Us’ page and if you are on facebook, click on the facebook symbol below and if you ‘Like’ our page, you will be able to receive updates on courses that are coming up 😀

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