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Improving Training Outcomes

I was invited to present a workshop at the March 2012 conference of the Australian Association for the Manual Handling of People, along with the Moving and Handling Association of New Zealand. The conference was titled Challenging the Boundaries and had a heavy emphasis on training and education in this field. I chose to run with the topic ‘Improving Training Outcomes’

While I was researching for my topic I came across a forum of training and Education practitioners discussing the topic ‘What are the most important reasons for training failures’ I decided to analyse the hundreds of responses to the discussion and came up with what seemed to be regarded by the practitioners as the top things we should do to Improve our training outcomes. Most of these top 6 dovetailed with my initial brainstorm for the content of my workshop and I was able to use them as a research based framework for my content.

I have started a discussion forum with those who attended the workshop to tease out the content and to put into practice the issue that was number 1 - Ongoing follow up and coaching after the training event. Let me know if you are interested in knowing more.

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