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Safety training starts in the home

The TV news has been full of fires lately, tragically some of them have been house fires, resulting in loss of life.

We do a fair amount of health and safety training in industrial/commercial environments and we always relate what we are teaching to both the work and the home environment. It is interesting however, that whilst people can see the relevance and application and may even be committed to safety in the workplace, they are often not so studious in the home.

With this in mind, during this last year, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and upgrade my safety systems around the home. I started with buying a domestic fire extinguisher, followed up by a few more smoke alarms, of both types, and more recently as part of my Christmas stocking to myself, I bought a residual current device for use with my power tools.

Perhaps a training workshop, dedicated specifically to health and safety around the home, wouldn’t go amiss. Reduced absenteeism would surely justify a few hours of company time, not to mention the spin off of heightened safety awareness in the workplace. And then of course there is the thought that one may be saving at least one family from the trauma of the loss of a loved one. Give us a call and we can put something together for your work teams.

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