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It is difficult to predict what the economy will do. All we can really do is look back at the year past and say with certainty that for most it has been another tough year. Having said that, for some it has been good, growth, excitement, new opportunities. When we put together our year-at-a-glance calendar for 2011 we chose to take an optimistic view - a new day (year) is dawning, let it be a year of growth for the economy, employment for those in need of work, hope for those in situations that seem desperate.

With economic recovery means more training and retraining and that’s good for us of course. In addition, 2011 sees us broadening our training activities into a new field and we will say more about this in the new year. Over the last month we have been visiting some of our clients to hand out our 2011 calendar and ‘test the waters’ regarding this new area of involvement.

If we haven’t called on you, or sent you one of our year-at-a glance A4 size calendars, please email or phone if you would like one. The calendar features a picture of a sunrise over the Hauraki Gulf, taken from our offices on the North Shore.

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