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Music in Learning Environments

Music is never far from me, whether it be a song sung whilst strumming my guitar, itunes playing whilst working at my computer, or a whistle whilst waiting in a supermarket queue. (interestingly this often creates comment)

So it’s only natural that I would use music within a training course. Music can help to set the tone as delegates arrive and mingle before the course starts, or when they return from breaks. Music can also provide a backdrop during small group breakaway sessions. Researchers have shown the benefits to the learning process if music of the right tempo is played during teaching or learning. Students studying for exams have long used music to enhance their learning environments.

A question about music in training by a delegate to our recent ‘IMPACT training for trainers’ course led me to look at the subject a little closer. As a result I have a number or articles on the subject I could recommend to those interested. I have also purchased some baroque guitar music created specifically for learning environments (it makes great background music when you invite your friends over for dinner as well Happy

Feel free to share your own experiences here and to contact me for more info.

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