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Rapid e-learning

About a year ago I took the plunge and purchased Articulate, an e-learning development package. Articulate enables you to develop your own e-learning modules without the need for expensive design and programming. Having said that, the finished output depends upon the creativity and understanding of instructional design. If you tackle this as a solo developer, rather than one of a team of experts, expect for it to take longer than you think.

Articulate is a great product and has a great support community, but for me there has always been one nagging issue - output is exported to flash, and flash does not run on ipads. Yes there are now plenty of android powered ipad-like products, but the growth in ipad sales and loyalty of their users makes this a sector you can’t ignore. ( yes yes I know, I have always been a mac person)

I have been wondering how Articulate would respond to this. And now, a year after I purchased Articulate 09, out have come 2 new Articulate products, both of which publish to Flash, HTML5 and iOS which runs on ipads. The first new product upgrades Articulate 09 to Articulate 12, which still uses PowerPoint as its base. However Articulate Storyline is a completely new product and promises to be a very exiting Rapid e-learning development platform. I cant wait to free up some time, download the trial versions and take them for a spin. And then comes the decision, which to buy?

rapid e-learning

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