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Favourate Mac Applications

At the risk of starting yet another favourite mac apps blog, I thought I should mention a few of my absolutely favourite applications, those that every now and then I think, I’m glad I have this gem in my toolkit. As a trainer, I need hardly mention that Keynote or Powerpoint are a must, so I’m not going to mention them at all (‘whatever you do don’t mention death by powerpoint’, whoops did I say that word again?)

Seriously, my all time favourite has got to be Imagewell, I always turn to it when I have a quick and easy image editing task. As stated on their site “ImageWell is a powerful, compact image editor for all the simple, everyday image editing that you need to do. Drag images in and out of the well, resize, crop, shape, rotate, flip, add watermark, label, border, drop shadow, plus more.” I use ImageWell weekly and it is great value for money.

My second favourite is Dropbox, it’s a great way to send files that are too big to send by email. Just load them into Dropbox, email the url to whoever needs to open the files, and they can download them. Great for sharing photos or large work files with pictures/illustrations. In my case these might be training manuals. The great thing about Dropbox is that it is free and you get more storage space if you refer someone else, and they become a Dropbox user. Speaking of which, anybody want a referral?

And then off course there is the very programme that I use to create this blog, and this website - Rapidweaver. I love the fact that at one end you can build and publish a very decent website with minimal know-how. Then as you grow in confidence and knowledge, your website can take on whatever look your creativity dreams up.

I could go on, but this is already getting too long, do you have any favourite apps that are useful to a trainer. ( Windows folk welcome to add their thoughts as well)

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