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Our 2009 year-at-a-glance calendar had a picture of a gannet navigating through an approaching storm. We’ve all felt the effect of that storm to some measure and it’s time to reflect on the lessons learnt, the opportunities gained or lost and how we can make the most of our new environment. This year our calendar depicts reflection through the beauty of our New Zealand mirror lakes.

On the back of the calendar we show the dates of our scheduled public courses:
IMPACT! Training for Trainers, ON-JOB Training, LEADERSHIP Skills for Supervisors, Introduction to TEAM LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK, FOOD SAFETY, HEALTH and SAFETY, Unlocking Business COMMUNICATION, Essential COMMUNICATION Skills and COMMUNICATING with CUSTOMERS

We have a few of these laminated A4 sized year-at-at-glance calendars left. If you would like one, please use our 'contact us' page to email your Name, Job Title, Company and Company Address. We will post one to you, subject to availability.

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